Mini Madeleines

Ingredients: 150g of sifted plain flour 125g of melted butter 150g caster sugar 2 large eggs – lightly beaten 2 tbls of whole milk 1 tsp of fast-acting yeast 1 ...

Orange Ginger Cake

I like my ginger cake spicy, citrusy and gingery, so this recipe has evolved over the years to deliver all three flavours. Ginger cake was the afternoon tea cake of ...

Almond Dacquoise with Berry Fruits

Preparation tear off two pieces of non-stick parchment to cover two trays measuring 15” x 14”/38cm x 36 approx. On the two pieces of parchment, using a pencil, draw a ...

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Brendan's Spooky Meringues

Spooky Meringues

Gingerbread Sponge with Poached Pears

Chocolate & Orange Marbled Loaf Cake

Choux Pastry

Mini Dundee Cakes

Hazelnut & Chocolate Bundt Cake

Honey-Bun Bears

Doggy Hot Dog Rolls

Candied Orange Peel with lemon and Lime

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Cypriot Olive & Mint Bread

Ingredients 1 ½ kilos of strong flour 3 pkts fast-action dried yeast, or 60g fresh 1 ½ tbls caster sugar 3 tsps fine salt 2 large jars olives – whole and unpitted. But if in hurry, use pitted olives. 2 medium onions finely chopped – or pulsed in a food processor. (Finely chopped does not […]

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Chicken liver & Bacon Dog Treats

onty is the first dog I have ever owned. Before we got him two years ago we did some research online about the different dog food brands. What we found was quite shocking – many foods and treats seemed to be packed with nasties of various kinds. We finally found kibble and wet food that […]

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Rhubarb & Ginger Cake

Introduction A couple of years ago we met a lovely couple – Neville and Janet – while out walking Monty-the-Labradoodle. Turned out that they are great dog lovers and sometimes look after Monty for us which makes us all happy! Neville is also a keen gardener and has an allotment where he grows a lot […]

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Six Top Tips for Perfect Scones

Of all the baking-related questions I get asked, the most common relate to scones. Who would have thought that making such an everyday treat could involve so many hazards? Seems that many people’s efforts turn out like leaden rock cakes rather than the light and fluffy vehicles of jam and cream. Scones are a long-standing […]

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Barberry & Pecan Scones

About two years ago I was introduced to Iranian cooking through Margaret Shaida’s classic book The Legendary Cuisine of Persia. The use of fruit in savoury dishes is a particular feature of this magnificent culinary tradition. Dried red barberries are especially common – imparting a tart flavor to various rice and meat dishes. Looking through […]

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Lemon, Honey & Ginger Upside-Down Cake

Could this be the first recipe inspired by a heavy cold?! I’ve always loved lemon cakes and was recently playing around with an upside-down version inspired by Hannah Miles’ recipe in The Gluten-Free Baker. At the time I was making regular hot lemon, honey and ginger for my partner to ease his cold and sore […]

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Brendan's Gluten-free Pecan and Mixed Fruit Bread

Gluten-free Pecan and Mixed Fruit Bread

Perhaps it’s just coincidence but in the last few weeks I’ve met a number of people – online and in person – who have asked me about gluten-free bread. Making bread suitable for coeliacs has been become much easier with the wide availability of flour mixes (I use Dove Farms). However, it seems that people […]

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Zesty Granola Flapjacks

I came up with these flapjacks as a welcome treat for participants on one of my courses at Seasoned cookery school. The original idea came from Georgia, who is a wonderful home economist on the Great British Bake Off. She made a stack of these for us during one of the weekends of filming. I’ve […]

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Spelt, Honey, Green Raisin & Cranberry Loaf

Recently I was invited to the launch of an initiative to raise awareness of bowel cancer. This is a collaborative effort of Bowel Cancer UK and Sharpham Park, a company producing organic spelt flour and various spelt products. I decided to bake something using spelt flour for the launch event and came up with this […]

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Brendan’s Streetlamp Christmas Cake

This is a Christmas cake design that I have wanted to do for ages. It comprises a number of elements some of which need to be made well in advance. For example, the cantilevered, run-out top needs 4 days to dry out thoroughly if it is to survive being lifted from the paper onto the […]

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